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23 Sep 2019
09 Jan 2018

Random 2017

As I go along photographing assignments and seeing sights around the world I noticed that the images captured along the way become a journal of the places and people I have met. This post starts a yearly journal looking back at the past year in images. Look for the next yearly journal at the beginning of next year. I hope you enjoy the collection and feel free to register and post a comment if you wish.

11 Oct 2017

Paradise Evolution

This issue presents a departure from my usual pretty pictures to reveal a different side of my personal work. Over the past thirty-plus years I have been intimately involved with producing imagery for the marketing of numerous high-profile residential and commercial developments in south Florida. During that time I watched the skyline and community change before my lens. Along the way I have documented neighborhoods surrounding downtown Miami as they transform and gentrify. Quiet streets and single family homes give […]