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A Different View

A Different View

A recent aerial photography assignment took me to a location that is largely prohibited from flight access by civilians. The area on the west side of Miami Airport is a difficult place to shoot aerials. It is the landing approach (and take-off path) for all air traffic coming and going and they have priority at all times. The client first asked if we could do it with one of our drones but no doubt this had to be captured using a traditional helicopter. Currently, we are permitted by the FAA to fly drones at a maximum elevation of four hundred feet, within line of sight, and permission is based on the class of airspace. And no flying drones around airports, particularly within runway approaches. Drones are the right production tool for low and close aerial work, but traditional aircraft are still needed for many projects.

View to the west from MIA showing the Urban Development Boundary (UDB) and Everglades

Fortunately, our mission was from a very high angle and we were able to hang out between runways at a couple-thousand feet and above the incoming heavies.  This perspective gave me a view of a steady stream of airliners flying below us – a unique perspective – different from the usual looking-up at the airliners. Thanks to my long-term aerial collaborator and helicopter pilot Paul Barth for keeping me safe and always putting me in the right place to get my shots.

Incoming airliner flying over the “Welcome Miami – Dade” sign next to 826.

Miami Airport Radar Facility

Miami Airport Radar Facility

Suburbia, North Western Dade County

Remember to always fly safe and keep looking up.

Have a great spring season, hoping all your seeds grow strong.  We’re interested in creative collaborations of all shapes and sizes, stay in touch and let us know how we can work together.


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